I have so many emails from clients (brides mainly) that start off like, “about the engagement shoot… I think it’s a good idea, but my fiance/partner/lover isn’t so sure… He/she feels awkward about it ” or some variation of that. And this just further makes me believe you need to do it.

Come be awkward/shy/nervous/stiff/bumbling/oafish/lumbering in front of my camera, on a day that isn’t your wedding day. Let me show you my shooting style, get to know you, and calm your nerves about being photographed before the day. We all know you’re going to have 100+ other things to be fretting about. Lets have photography not be one of them. 

Also, studies have shown that couple’s who do engagement shoots are waaaay less likely to be awkward/shy/nervous/stiff/bumbling/oafish/lumbering on their wedding day. Can’t argue with science.

You can add and engagement session to any of my wedding collections for £200. Of course you can schedule a shoot without the wedding package for £300. Send me an email or fill out the form below.