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Holiday :: England
Eliot and I often entertain the idea of moving again.  It's not easy having roots across two countries and many more places that feel like home.  We also never tire of the idea of moving aboard (on a boat).  After all, we met while sailing and would both love to continue that lifestyle.  But recently our thoughts have been turning towards England, and being there brought this idea closer to home (so to speak). None of this is happening any time soon. We love Florida for the time being and are happy where we are, but we both agree Florida isn't in our long term plans.It's been two weeks now since we returned home from England.  We ...
Holiday :: Portugal
I'm doing 2 separate posts on the recent holiday I went on.  Mostly because we went to 2 different places, but also because they felt like 2 completely different events entirely.  The whole trip was so relaxing and exactly what I needed to get my head in the right place again.I get so overwhelmed sometimes with perfectionism (see this post).  I'm constantly second guessing everything I do, "Am I blogging enough?" "Are these photos crap?" "Do all my images look the same?" "Are my images too different from one another?" So I did a lot of reflecting in Portugal, thinking about the future, and there is where I made the decision to start the r ...
A Giveaway!
It always fun to spread a little love around.I'm a big fan of free stuff.  I'm subscribed to all the daily emails of the "deals" in my area.  Mostly they get annoying, but I can't un-subscribe from them because then I might miss out on a totally awesome deal.  Every once in a while a favorite restaurant comes up and although its not free, it is a great way to save some money.This deal here though? Totally free.  I'm going to give away to two (that's right 2) lucky people an 8x10 print.  It doesn't matter where you are in the world, everyone is eligible.  These are the prints to choose from. Favorite shots from around the ...