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Fullerton Estate Wedding – Andover Wedding Photography
Fullerton Estate Wedding - Andover I hope you have a cold beverage or a cup of something warm. This is a big one.This day was so dreamy from start to finish. I'm not sure I've ever been to a wedding where the guests were so well dressed and had such style. Both surfers, Alice and Ted created a day that really highlighted their ...
Lyndhurst Wedding Photography – Bartley Lodge Hotel
This was my second wedding I shot after having Romy, she was 3 months old. I wasn't really worried about it, since my first wedding back she did lovely and took a bottle of expressed milk, no problem. So I left in the morning feeling confident. But it was such a hot day and I discovered when I got home that she had refused a bottle ...
Basingstoke Wedding Photography – Pamber Place
Marquee Wedding in Basingstoke It's hard to stress the importance of really making a day your own. Every effort, no matter how small, will be documented and this will live on in your photographs to tell the story of your day. I'm not talking about wedding favours, or necessarily tangible things. But rather, focusing on what is the ...
Wedding at Titchfield Abbey
Tichfield Abbey and Fareham Registry Office Wedding Photography I love when couples make the locations a priority. It can make such a difference to wedding photos. I often try to get couples to venture away from their venue to get a different look, as wedding venue photos can sometimes start to appear the same. Whenever I get to a ...
Best of 2019
The New Year always feels like such a clean slate. A time to reflect on the past year and resolve to make changes in the future. This past decade was full of adventure, change, growth, and discovery. I moved back to the States, I got engaged, bought a house, got married, drove 10,000 miles around Europe, moved to China (again), got ...