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Full Post: Baby Brook
Photographing babies and children has to be one of my favorite things to do.  They are so naturally photogenic in front of the camera.  They are not yet worried about if they'll have a double chin if they smile a certain way, or what clothes are more flattering to their bodies.  If they cry, they're not ashamed of it.  Their smiles for the most part are genuine, or you can totally tell when they're not.  If they're shy it translates perfectly through the image.  They have a certain rawness to them that you just can't fake, like how we are all supposed to be, but because of society's pressures and skewed perspectives, we've forgotten how to be ...
Baby Zoë
I've been spending a lot of time with this little one. Our good friends' and neighbors' little girl, and it's been so fun living next door to her and watching her grow each day.  She's moments away from walking and is so awesome to hang out with.  She's 10 months and she's so much fun right now.  She's so perceptive and happy and curious about everything.  It's fun to see the world through her eyes.  I was watching her the other day and took the moment to get some new shots of her with my camera.  It's fun to get bundled up before going outside in this little bit of Florida winter we're having.Just for clarification because I get asked it ...