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So it's pretty difficult after you spend a few years traveling and making new friends in all different parts of the world, to be settled somewhere and have people you love scattered around the globe. For that reason I feel extremely lucky to live next door to two of our best friends and their little girl. It's crazy for me to think that I met this couple on board a boat in Thailand over 5 years ago, and they have come to be such a huge part of my life now. Chantale has become one of my closest girlfriends and of course will be a bridesmaid in our wedding (less than one month now!), and Boomer is ordained so that he can now marry us. As you ca ...
Preview :: A Little Family
Here's a little hint at what is going to be appearing next on this blog.Yes, a beautiful all American family are up next on this blog.See full post here
Little Darlings :: Ava and Ivy
I got to spend a morning chasing around two beautiful little girls.  Both talk a mile a minute, love playing on swings, fishing and each other.  They really are so sweet and are constantly looking out for one another.  This was the day after they had a joint birthday party, so there was lots to tell and share.  Ava is the older girl and loves little sister Ivy.  Meet these two little darlings.Gorgeous girl.The whole time I was taking photos, Ava was begging me to take one too.  This one is her doing, pretty good I think."Ashley! Take a picture of my baby!"Yes, her baby's blanket is a....lid?...