Brockenhurst Wedding Photography

October 6, 2020

Brockenhurst Wedding Photography – Careys Manor

It’s pretty common that I show up to a wedding having never met, in person, the couple who’s day I’m photographing. We’ve chatted on the phone at least once, but sometimes circumstances stop us from actually having a face to face chat before the big day. So to say that sometime I get butterflies, or nerves when pulling into someone’s drive is an understatement. Like, I kind of know what to expect, but I’m on my toes. On this day last October, I could not have been more pleasantly surprised. Rebecca and Tom, as well as their families were some of the kindest, warmest people I have ever met. Experiences like this just put me completely at ease to get into my groove and start documenting.

Careys Manor Hotel and Senspa

Autumn weddings are at the very least, unpredictable, and at the best a day like this day was. Gorgeous sunshine, but the type of sun where it’s almost perpetually ‘golden hour’ and creates those rich autumn colours. Careys Manor was beautifully set up and decorated to reflect the season. I’m a local to Brockenhurst, so I scouted some locations off-campus, so to speak, and took the newlyweds for a little drive to some gorgeous spots in and around Brock. I’m so glad Tom and Rebecca were up for an adventure. I even loaned Rebecca my wellies so as not to get her beautiful wedding shoes muddy.

The Wedding Day

Brockenhurst Wedding Photography

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