Fullerton Estate Wedding Photography

July 7, 2020

Fullerton Estate Wedding – Andover

I hope you have a cold beverage or a cup of something warm. This is a big one.

This day was so dreamy from start to finish. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a wedding where the guests were so well dressed and had such style. Both surfers, Alice and Ted created a day that really highlighted their lifestyle and personalities. Little details about where they got engaged, and inside jokes. Ted had built an A-framed altar where they said their vows and Alice’s brother officiated. It was non traditional and the day that they had envisioned, completely theirs. Alice’s family had arranged for surprise singing waiters to perform just before the meal. The bride and groom were completely unaware of it. I was filled in on the secret just before it happened.

Vineyard Maze Wedding at Fullerton Estate

This setting was so beautiful and the perfect for designing a unique day. There is a large maze made up of grape vines in the middle of a field where the teepee marque was set up. It was a beautiful backdrop for a summer wedding. For photos we went for a walk around the grounds and found some little hidden away gems. They had organised for some tents to be set up for guests who wanted to spend the night. It was completely private and secluded, and they had the party they wanted.

The Wedding Day