Lyndhurst Wedding Photography – Bartley Lodge Hotel


This was my second wedding I shot after having Romy, she was 3 months old. I wasn’t really worried about it, since my first wedding back she did lovely and took a bottle of expressed milk, no problem. So I left in the morning feeling confident. But it was such a hot day and I discovered when I got home that she had refused a bottle the entire day. She’s was exclusively breastfed and I had all this mom guilt about leaving her and worried that she was dehydrated. The girl never took a bottle ever again. Not since that first day I was away. And yes, I was super nervous about it for the rest of my summer wedding season. But she adapted, and she was okay. It didn’t take away from this day though.

New Forest Summer Wedding

Sammy and Carl had actually already said their vows a few months previously, so this was more of a party to celebrate their nuptials. The New Forest can really heat up in the summertime, but with big shady patches everyone was able to stay quite comfortable and enjoy the outdoor space. It’s quite unique in the UK, but Sammy and Carl opted to do a “first look”. So just the two of them getting together before greeting their guests so Carl could be the first person to see Sammy in her dress. It’s was a sweet, intimate moment.

The day was filled with lots of celebrating, dancing, and even a special performance put on by a couple of the younger people. The guests and best friends who came clearly wanted to celebrate these two. They put so much effort into their day, and it was made extra special by their sweet daughter.

The Venue

Barley Lodge Hotel is an 18th century manor house located in Lyndhurst, and one of the beautiful New Forest Hotels venues. If you’ve never visited one of their hotels, they each offer something a bit different, and in line to match the structure and time that it was built. Barley Lodge has a beautiful lawn, with little secret garden spots hidden everywhere. It is a great place to explore the grounds and look for locations for photos. The grounds are also bordered by these magnificent massive trees that create lots of open shade and places to hide when the sun is just a bit too intense.

The Wedding Day


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