Wedding at Titchfield Abbey


Tichfield Abbey and Fareham Registry Office Wedding Photography

I love when couples make the locations a priority. It can make such a difference to wedding photos. I often try to get couples to venture away from their venue to get a different look, as wedding venue photos can sometimes start to appear the same. Whenever I get to a new venue and the wedding planner wants to show me the best spots for photos, I immediately start looking for other spots, because I know he/she has shown those spots to every photographer and I really strive to deliver something different to each of my clients. When Jessica mentioned to me they’d like to do photos at the old Titchfield Abbey it made my day.

The Venue

This beautiful run-down medieval structure dates back to 1222. As you arrive it has a stunning driveway entrance, you almost wouldn’t guess it was nearly in ruins. As you venture around the back of it you can see the collapsed walls, walk inside and look up through the towers and imagine a fire being lit in one of the giant hearths. But the ruins part is what makes this place so special, and made for some gorgeous portraits of Jessica and Lance.

The Wedding Day

Jessica and Lance planned a beautiful winter-time intimate affair. We met at the Abbey and untraditionally did photos before the ceremony. This gave us plenty of time to capture the part of the day that was most important to these two. They wanted to spend time together, just the two of them, on their wedding day. This took the time pressure off the rest of the day, as we would be losing the light around 4pm. We headed to the registry office where their closest family and friend were gathered, along with their baby boy, to witness them say their vows. Then down to the waterfront to catch the last of the winter light with a few more photos before they started their cozy waterside reception. It was a gorgeous day, and exactly what they wanted for their nuptials.

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