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Marquee Wedding in Basingstoke

It’s hard to stress the importance of really making a day your own. Every effort, no matter how small, will be documented and this will live on in your photographs to tell the story of your day. I’m not talking about wedding favours, or necessarily tangible things. But rather, focusing on what is the most important aspects you want included; the sentiment you want your partner, yourself, and your guests to feel. Sometimes this means rejecting pressures from friends or family, or an industry that is constantly telling you what you should be doing. Really listening to your intuition and your partner, and focusing on the details that mean the most to you.

Sometimes all you need are beautiful grounds and a marquee. Simplicity with lovely little details can make the day come together. This wedding had a heavy focus on relationships and family with so many people helping to make sure it all came together beautifully. There we so many personal touches, and the love surrounding Joanna and Orlando was felt throughout the day. Orlando is a musician and romantically sung (and performed) their first dance song. I was blown away.

The Venue

These guys chose this beautiful estate with gardens and green space and erected the most epic marquee. The inside was adorned with massive pillars with floral embellishments, hanging chandeliers, and sweeping fairy lights. The marquee created a stunning indoor space with high vaulted ceilings and beautiful natural light during the day. In the evening the chandeliers were lit which created a romantic ambiance for the evening dancing.

The Wedding Day

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