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I want to keep him like this forever.

[…] and I don’t feel like we missed out on anything. I just wasn’t ready for it to be over. My son is the perfect age right now, and it was so fun taking him exploring, throwing rocks, going […]

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Little Darlings :: Ava and Ivy
I got to spend a morning chasing around two beautiful little girls.  Both talk a mile a minute, love playing on swings, fishing and each other.  They really are so sweet and are constantly looking out for one another.  This was the day after they had a joint birthday party, so there was lots to tell and share.  Ava is the older girl and loves little sister Ivy.  Meet these two little darlings.Gorgeous girl.The whole time I was taking photos, Ava was begging me to take one too.  This one is her doing, pretty good I think."Ashley! Take a picture of my baby!"Yes, her baby's blanket is a....lid?...
(kav-eh-na)A boy. A lovely, sweet cheeked, kissable baby boy. It's been 4 weeks since this guy came onto the scene, and I would be a liar to try to describe it as complete bliss. It has come with A LOT of challenges that neither one of us were prepared for at all. But we love this little person more than I can describe.When I was about 22 weeks pregnant we went for the anatomy scan where they check all the vital organs and you can find out the sex of your baby if you choose. At this scan we found out that our little person (not yet knowing if he was a boy or a girl) had a problem with one of his kidneys. This triggered other s ...
New Forest Photography :: Maternity Shoot with Alice
The importance of having maternity photos. Pregnancy is such a surreal time in life. There's so many changes happening in the build up and getting ready for this new little being to enter your world. You're unsure of exactly what lies ahead, and everyone tells you it's the hardest and most amazing thing ever, which can be so confusing and contradicting. You give up things that you like (sushi, cheese, alcohol) not realising that these are small sacrifices compared to what's to come. Nobody can tell you or prepare you for it. When this little person arrives, life changes forever, and you embrace it.Taking maternity photos is such a good wa ...