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But in the stillness of the moment it takes for a polaroid picture
To capture our faces forever,
The world has turned a touch on its axis, and the only thing certain
Is everything changes. -Frank Turner “Polaroid Picture”

Those lyrics and the album that they come from was the soundtrack to our 4 month road trip. It’s seems a bit mocking, that those words are swirling around in my head today as I sit on the 36th floor of an apartment in China. How quickly everything changes. Looking through these polaroids from our summer, that time now feels really far away. Those carefree summer days are quite the contrast to now, planning our next step move, and making some big decisions. For now, I’m going to drink in these images for a bit longer, until I know what’s next…

The back garden at my in-law’s house in England. (as I just typed “in-laws”, it occurs to me how strange of a word that is)

Exmoor National Park, England

Bristol, a farm in the middle of the city, this image really makes me smile.

Ireland, a hike near the Ring of Kerry that leads up to a stone circle.

Gulf of Morbihan, France. Sitting at a side walk cafe along the water while the tide rises.

Sailing for a week in the Gulf of Morbihan with my father in law.

Ile de Rey, France

Porto, Portugal. Exploring and smoking hookah.

Evora, Portugal. Enjoying a little sunset.

Cadaque, Spain. Admiring Salvador Dali’s house from across the water.

Breakfast in the van.

Narbonne, France. A cycle along the Midi.

Tuscany, Italy.


Lake Garda, Italy. Where we did some night time swimming 😉

Munich, Germany.

Fusson, Germany

Dachstein, Austria. An image that never developed fully because of the cold weather.

Dachau, Germany. Holocaust memorial.

Random camping spot in the Czech Republic, en route to Prague.

Berlin Wall.

Full circle, back in England.

Although, I am sad that our big holiday that we planned and saved up for, for months, is over, I feel like I gained something that will never end. Looking back at our photos makes me realize how incredibly fortunate I am to share my life with someone who loves jumping in a van for a few months and throwing the itinerary out the window. The way our society and culture is, it’s easy to get caught up in worrying about which stations we’re supposed to be at, at this stage in life. Careers. Finances. Family. And even though right now, we’re in a state of limbo, I really like the station that we’re at. Because the only thing certain, is that it will all change again.

I highly recommend throwing the itinerary out the window.

[…] have really good intentions to get them sorted and posted.  I did manage to scan and post all the Polaroid photos I took, but it seemed to take some convincing to finally get the digital ones prepped for the […]

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