“Things change. And friends leave.  Life doesn’t stop for anybody.”  -Stephen Chbosky

I’m doing it again.  I’m writing a sentimental blog about leaving a place I’ve come to know as ‘home.’  My collection of “homes” is becoming more extensive, and not in the billionaire sort of way.  More in the homesick sort of way.  Places I’ve been where I’ve had a community, laughed, made lifelong friends, cooked meals, cried, and moulded my life into.  A place I am going to miss so much I will feel sick over it.  Florida is now one of those places that holds a little piece of my heart.  And it might be the hardest place to leave yet.

I can’t begin to describe the amazing friends we’ve made here.  Never before have I felt so welcome in a place by complete strangers.  From the day we moved in we had people stopping by our house to welcome us to the neighborhood, simply because we had a mutual friend who had told them we were now living here.  We were invited to birthday parties and BBQs before we even knew anyone.  When we moved to a new house in the same neighborhood, these people came again to offer their trucks, or hands to help us.  When we got married in Oregon, many of them made the long trip from Florida to come and celebrate with us. They have become some of our closest friends, and I will never forget their kindness in those early days when we first got here.  The little village of Ozona has set the bar high.

Our next move is to travel for a few months before settling on a place to live.  We are headed to Europe where our next home will have four wheels.  We are going to road trip, visit friends and family, and see a new part of this big world via camper van.  April 5th is our departure and we’ll be back at the end of July to sort out the next part.

I have some blogs lined up and I’ll be sharing some recent shoots.  While we are away I plan on blogging, but mostly just in photo form.  So get ready to see Europe through my eyes.