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This is the newest addition to my film camera collection, a Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera. If I could describe it one word? TEMPERAMENTAL. Everything about this is completely unpredictable, and sometimes painful to experience (as in watching money burn painful). Being a product of the 70s, not everything works perfectly all the time. Sometimes the mirror sticks up and overexposes a photo. Sometimes it doesn’t meter correctly and underexposes it. Also polaroid doesn’t make film for them anymore, but there’s a company that does called The Impossible Project. They are the best, and only people making film for these. However, the film is also very TEMPERAMENTAL. It has to be shaded from the light the second it comes out of the camera, and then needs to develop either upside down or in the dark. Failing to do this could make the photos too light. Following the instructions about the film correctly will give you beautiful photos. However, it’s $24.00 for one pack of film, that comes with 8 exposures. Yes. Ouch. At $3/exposure, it can be a little heartbreaking when you get, what I call, a photo of the sun.

But all that aside, in the 2 weeks I’ve had this, it has been really awesome figuring out what works and what doesn’t. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering, and folds flat when it’s closed and not in use.

And when it all comes together and works correctly, the images are truly one of a kind. Something you cannot recreate digitally. The SX-70 has a look completely unique.


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This past weekend I did an engagement shoot with this lovely couple. I brought along a special treat, a pack of Impossible Film. I hardly ever use the polaroid camera, because the film for it is so expensive. But thanks to a sweet friend who gifted me a pack of film I was able to use it for this shoot. I love the look of these images and all the imperfections.
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