The Best of 2012

January 10, 2013

2012 was…




A whole long list of cliché adjectives that span the emotional spectrum. I’ll spare you. If you follow this blog, you probably get the gist.

2012 was a learning year for me in terms of my business. One of the most important things being, to stay true to myself and my style, no matter what. It gets tempting to, at times, do what seems to be the “popular” thing. But I’ve learned that if I focus, and pour my little heart into this, the way I see it developing, eventually it gets noticed and shines.

My main source of encouragement come from the people who stop in to this little blog, and cyber whisper some sweet things. Whether it’s a comment on a post, or an email, or a facebook message, it means so much to me.

Some interesting and some funny stats from 2012.

Visits from countries/different languages:

Website :: 62/24 Blog :: 65/44

Top 5 most popular posts on the blog were.

5. Our Wedding :: The Week Before

4. April and Will

3. Married :: Emily and John

2. Married :: Melanie and Drew

1. Styled Shoot :: At The Circus

Some funny search terms that led to Ashley Hamilton Photography ::

:what happened to ashley hamilton? :thoughts that keep me up late (2nd year in a row for this gem) :tampa salvador dali engagement images :sexy makeup with freckles :sexy classy ladies (I love that my site is aligned with ‘sexy’) :lady ashley hamilton chinese :is ashley hamilton married? :i’m in love with ashley hamilton :does ashley hamilton have children? (not that I’m aware of) :bad ashley hamilton (??) :ashley hamilton feet pictures :i love ashley hamilton :venice fl mugshot ashley hamilton (you should know there’s a much more famous Ashley Hamilton out there)

So with that, here is a roundup of my favorite photos/times/moments from 2012. It’s a mixed group that includes but is not limited to, film, photos of me (yikes!), and a few that have never even been on the blog before. This year meant so much to me, and I can’t do what I do without these people willing to put their image in front of me. It’s vulnerable, but the rewards can be so sweet.

In no particular order ::

Roll on 2013.


so talented. i wish i could have you around all the time to capture all the beautiful little moments you seem to see so well. cheers to a great 2012 and an even better 2013! nice work friend!