Southampton Engagement Photographer – Melanie and Drew


You know when you see someone you haven’t seen in ages, the conversation just flows and you feel like you’ll never get caught up on everything that’s happened since the last time you spoke? That’s what happened with this girl, because I haven’t seen her since…..*yikes* high school? We were next door neighbors growing up, and were always at one another house. Mostly I hung out at her house as I kind of liked her whole family. So when she contacted me to shoot her wedding, I was ecstatic. There’s nothing like reconnecting with old pals, and learning what’s been happening in their life. But most of all, how cool is it to meet the person they’ve decided to spend the rest of their life with? When I was back in my hometown of Bellingham for my other friends wedding, I did a little engagement shoot with Mel and Drew.

I’ll be back in Bellingham in November for Mel and Drew’s wedding. This last trip was so quick that I didn’t have much time to connect with a lot of people, so in November I plan on making my stay a bit longer. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest and are interested in scheduling a shoot, send me a quick email and we can try and set something up for the fall.

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Susan Paull 14:14 June 13, 2012 Reply
Awesome job Ash - and we liked having you as a neighbor as well : )
Lynne AKA mom 13:31 June 22, 2012 Reply
Love these Ash.They all look so wonderful at every location a totally different feel.My favorite I have to say is in the tunnel under the railroad tracks. I love how the graphite swallows them up.Your mom

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