Our Wedding :: The Week Before


So I’ve never been the girl who has had wedding dreams from an early age. When I met Eliot, I didn’t hear wedding bells and start planning our nuptials. Although we often talked about it, I never really thought of it as a reality until we’d been together for 3 years and lived in 3 different countries.

When Eliot proposed I was a clean slate. I had no expectations and I had absolutely no idea what our wedding would be like. But what I did know is that I loved him more than anything in the world and our wedding would be a product of both our dreams. I can honestly say, on January 8th, we lived our dream wedding. From start to finish, nothing could have gone better.

But it wasn’t just one day. We started our wedding week on December 31st, in Costco, with 8 other people we’d just collected from the airport. We knew they’d all be tired, but we needed help for this mission that would benefit all of us. We were organized and were all out of Costco within an hour, with all the provisions we needed to feed 18 people for a week up in the mountains.

For the next 8 days, I had a permanent silly grin that I couldn’t wipe off my face. Every day we woke up in the morning and spent all day at Timberline Ski Resort snowboarding and skiing. We mostly stayed together, a few took lessons, but we all met up in the parking lot everyday at 12:30 to eat packed lunch in the back of our hired trucks. In the evenings we cooked dinner, soaked in the hot tub and partied…pretty hard. By the end of the week my muscles were so sore I could barely push myself up after strapping my bindings on my board. It was all worth it.

The sore muscles.

The endless banter.

Filling water glasses up for everyone in the evenings and promising they would thank me in the morning if they drank one for every beer they had.

The silly/slightly disturbing/offensive inside jokes that arose.

Telephone Pictionary

The bruises all over Koryn’s legs and the epic one on my elbow.

Freezing in the back of the truck at lunchtime, but knowing it would make it easier to get back on the slopes after lunch.

Getting my dad out on skis for the first time in 25 years, and it being the first time I’ve ever seen him on them EVER.

Loving the 5lbs I gained, proof I enjoyed myself.

Thankful we snowboarded everyday, because that 5lbs could have been a lot more.

Getting lost in the forest when I followed Cuckers out of bounds.

The beautiful trees in that forest (see photo below).

The Mt. Hood Brewery and the awesome kegs we got from them.

Falling. A lot.

Still feeling where I twisted my knee.

Ullr (Thanks Ben and Jen)

The beautiful log cabin, with the most comfortable beds.

Laughing so hard you get a side cramp.

Going off the big jumps for the first time in my snowboarding life (thanks Nick and Dooby). Feeling a lot cooler and higher than I actually was.

Pocket Beers.

Getting to merge our friends together and having them all get along so well. Just being able to spend an awesome holiday with people we love.

The week before our wedding was actually what we’re calling our “honeymoon.” It was everything we could have wanted and more and was all made possible by the lovely and amazing people in our lives who came together for it. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and yet undeserving of it all.

I didn’t take very many photos. I knew this time was going to go so fast and I was really trying to focus on the present, which means I left my camera in it’s bag for a lot of the time. But a lot of other people took photos which I am thankful for.

Mary-Jane Langford 11:23 January 21, 2012 Reply
it sounds as if ou really did have your dream wedding..i hope you and eliot have a long and wonderful life together and i wish you both all the happiness possible...take care and enjoy yourselves..don't take anything for granted
[...] wedding, because well, I didn’t exactly have my “I’m A Professional” hat on that week (not that I ever really do). But I got to know her and John so much more that week, and luckily [...]
[...] 5. Our Wedding :: The Week Before [...]
[…] 5. Our Wedding :: The Week Before […]
[…] wedding, because well, I didn’t exactly have my “I’m A Professional” hat on that week (not that I ever really do). But I got to know her and John so much more that week, and luckily […]
[…] wedding, because well, I didn’t exactly have my “I’m A Professional” hat on that week (not that I ever really do). But I got to know her and John so much more that week, and luckily […]

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