Southampton Family Photography :: Beach Session

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How many families do you know that want to have their water fight photographed after they take their “nice” photos? I had such a blast with this super photogenic and lovely family. Kelly and I have been meeting on Monday morning for the past few months, for what I like to call “punishing Ashley.” She’s a personal trainer and an amazing inspiration. I always leave our sessions feeling uplifted and with a new appreciation for my body. I just wish she could count better 😉 I loved getting to meet her fiance, Phil, and their combined families. Each of the 4 kids has something a little different to bring to the table in terms of personality and quirkiness. It’s definitely a full house, but I don’t think they’re hating it too much.

These girls were not shy.

If you’re a bride trying to get in shape for the big day, or you just need someone to push you a bit harder than you push yourself (who doesn’t need that?), I can’t say enough awesome things about Kelly. Visit her website for more information.

rachel 16:01 December 19, 2011 Reply
I LOVE this, what a dreamy shoot and such a beautiful family. I officially want to chop my hair off.
mary murphy 17:05 December 23, 2011 Reply
I had no idea this site was pictures of our daughter and our loves What awesome pictures and they are an awesome family!!!

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