It always fun to spread a little love around.

I’m a big fan of free stuff.  I’m subscribed to all the daily emails of the “deals” in my area.  Mostly they get annoying, but I can’t un-subscribe from them because then I might miss out on a totally awesome deal.  Every once in a while a favorite restaurant comes up and although its not free, it is a great way to save some money.

This deal here though? Totally free.  I’m going to give away to two (that’s right 2) lucky people an 8×10 print.  It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, everyone is eligible.  These are the prints to choose from.


Favorite shots from around the world.

African Elephant (Taken at the Kruger National Park)


Green Bottle (Florida, Courtney Campbell Causeway)

undefinedFlour Mill (China, Longmen Ancient Village)undefinedDrums (Show in Ybor city)undefinedMonastery In the Sky (China, Shanxi Province)undefined**All you have to do to be eligible to win is leave a comment on this blog telling me which photo is your favorite and go and ‘like’ my facebook page here.  You must do both.  Contest will be open from today (Monday) through Friday and I’ll randomly draw a winner on Sunday the 22nd of May.  The lucky winners will receive their prints from me in the mail, no strings attached.  And remember two people can win, and this is open to everyone, no matter where you are in the world, so let your friends know.


Jessica Wurzbacher 11:32 May 16, 2011 Reply
Hi Ashley!Love your photos, they are amazing, I always check your blog - you are extremely talented.I think my favourite one is the elephant - as South Africa is a special place for me, and he just has such a sincere face!Good luck, great competition idea!I already "like" and like your page!Beaks
shannon 12:11 May 16, 2011 Reply
i loveee the elephant & drums! very cool ash. cant beleive you got that close!
Lisa Megard 12:28 May 16, 2011 Reply
Hi Ashley. The Elephant is my favourite too. He does have character!
Lauren Fuino 12:51 May 16, 2011 Reply
Great idea to do a giveaway, Ashley! The Monastery In the Sky is such a beautiful photo! So dynamic.
Anthony 13:15 May 16, 2011 Reply
Pretty sure you know me :) But I think I saw the drums in ybor still awhile ago when I first met you and I was like OMG! I remember when I first met you and you were like I'm a photographer then I checked your stuff out and I have always been a raving fan! I have liked your page and share it all the time. Then I'm like HAVE YOU SEEN HOW HOT SHE MAKES ME LOOK!?!? And I try to get my friends to hire you by dropping your name showing the photos. You are awesome and wish you the best!
boomer 16:07 May 16, 2011 Reply
I like the green bottle, because i like hieneken and i like dunedin causeway. I do npt like littering however, so thos is a good photo to remind me of my likes AND dislikes!
boomer 16:08 May 16, 2011 Reply
Sorry for the misspelling, very small keyboard
Tashina Taylor 22:51 May 18, 2011 Reply
i love the flour mill!!! and every other photo you've ever taken for that matter.
Chad Zietz 14:01 May 19, 2011 Reply
Hi Ashley, I have been watching your posts for a while now and you are really doing a marvelous job...you have really developed your skills. But I really like the monastery in the sky, I don't know how you shot this picture but it is absolutely fabulous.
Eliot 15:24 May 19, 2011 Reply
The drums are my favourite, its the calm before the storm and the lighting is stunning.
Boomer 10:54 May 20, 2011 Reply
Eliot is not eligible to win right?
Ashley 11:00 May 20, 2011 Reply
Correct Boomer, he's just being cheeky.
Lisa Marsaudon 11:22 May 20, 2011 Reply
Hi Ashley! I love the elephant - what an incredible shot! Love, Lisa
Melissa 12:40 May 20, 2011 Reply
Hey Ash! hard choice but I love african elephant. Does it up my chances if I tell you I'm too poor to buy any house decorations?
Lisa 18:07 May 20, 2011 Reply
Ashley,I have been reading this and reading this and I decided to take a look and I wanted you to know that I LOVE the Elephant. Jules and I went to the zoo on our first date to see a new elephant so now they are kind of like our thing, Elephants.I love all or your pictures. I am loving my Koi in the pond picture every day.Lisa

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