Things that live in a pot?  Well not always, this is a fun set of photos I put together after snapping a photo of an artichoke in pot.  Kind of fun looking down at things that live in a pot, or bucket or anything else really.

Fresh basil from the garden that needed to be turned into something…

Pesto it is!

Favorite of the set.


Hi Ashley, I wanted to get in touch with you to see if you might be able to fulfill the photography needs of my new business. My company is launching a ladies shoe line and we are looking for a photographer to take pictures of our shoes from multiple angles using a white box so so you don’t see shadows in the images. These shoes will also have various embellishments that we will need to capture in our photos.
I’d like to know if you have any experience with photographing fashion products. Have you taken pictures for any other websites? If this is a project that you think you would be able to take on, please let me know so that we can set aside a time to talk about more of the details. I look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully working together in the future!