Photography is all about connecting with people, and

finding the magic.

The photos come easy after that. Anyone can point a camera and click the shutter, but when you are able to connect with person in front of the lens you get a completely different insight and view. My process is an organized approach on the front end, and a very organic fluid approach on the wedding day.

I want to know about you,

I want to meet up beforehand and hear about how you met, who proposed to whom, and

whether you drink tea or coffee.

I want to know the details of your day. I want to keep in touch before the wedding and know any changes, or even just if you’ve found the most perfect centre piece for your tables. I want to help you

plan a schedule

so that we get the most out of your photos and I know exactly where I need to be. I want you to be relaxed on your wedding day and

I want to be relaxed as well.

I want to take the most

amazing photos

you have ever seen of yourself and your partner.
A First Look
I couldn't resist.  I'm nowhere close to finishing editing these, but I feel like these images deserve a post all to themselves.  The first look.  It can be so special and so emotionally charged, that a lot of couples have now opted to have their "first look" before they are standing in front of all their families and friends.  And I get it.  It's such an intimate moment (people around or not), but I think for a lot of couples, it's that one moment when it hits you.  All the planning is done, the cake is on the table, the guests are arriving, the dress is ordered, paid for and altered, and all that planning was all for this moment; when you w ...
Just Married :: Hillary and Sam
I'm so excited to share these with someone!  You know how it gets when you look at something for a long time, your feelings change about it.  You go from loving it, to hating it, to coming around and adoring it again.  You essentially get lost in it.  That's what happens while doing a wedding.  There is so much to look at and appreciate, but at some point in the middle of the whole process you start to feel like you can't see it clearly.  You can't decide what you like about it.  And then, it's over, and finished and you lay it out to look at the whole thing.  You take a step back and suddenly the cloud lifts and you can see it again, clear a ...
Wedding Preview
Here's a little peek of what I've been working on/getting lost in.  I love taking the photos, but I also really love the editing process.  The time alone with my work, polishing something and really making it shine before showing it to anyone.  Taking pride in it and not just throwing everything out there, but only the best.  It's a completely different part to the creative process.  It's not just grunt work that has to be done, but it's like reliving that moment that the shot was taken and making sure that moment lives up to its potential.  And that is just it, not changing a photo to make it into something it never was, but just a little tw ...