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Southampton Boudoir Photographer :: Bridal Boudoir
You might recognize this girl. I shot her wedding back in May. It was a gorgeous ceremony on a white sand beach. After the wedding she contacted me about doing a boudoir shoot as a gift to her new hubby. I was so excited, this was the first boudoir shoot I did. I haven't shown them until now because like I said, it was a gift to her husband and I didn't want to risk the off chance that he might happen across my blog and ruin the whole surprise. Just to clarify, Sarah and I went through all these photos together to make sure she was okay with every image I wanted to show. Photos like this can be very private, and I would never show anything ...
Southampton Boudoir Photographer :: Miss L
WOW. It is beyond bittersweet finishing up these images. Luckily I've done another shoot with this girl since and I have a whole new bunch of ones to go over. You can see a little preview of those here. I know there's been a lot of boudoir lately, it's kind of been the season for it which I am completely fine with. Again, the beautiful hair and makeup was done by Nicole Patterson. I can't wait to work with her again, she did such an awesome job. This is one of the best things a girl can do for herself, and it is such a fun day to pull together. I'm so lucky to be able to share these here. Meet Miss L.Love. See full Boudoir portfolio HER ...
Southampton Boudoir Photographer :: Miss V
Monday again. It always sneaks up. You're going along, having a great weekend and all of a sudden it's Sunday night, then Monday again. But the weekend was so wonderful and relaxing. Went to a reggae show under the stars, got out on the boat and played in the sun, went cycling around the neighborhood and looked at houses we want to live in. Went swimming, sipped Corona and just had a very blissful two days off. This is what summer days are made of. Weekends like this make facing Monday a little easier. Moving on to something worth getting up for on Monday: One word for this girl: Spicy. The whole time I was editing these that was what j ...