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Southampton Family Photography :: Beach Session
How many families do you know that want to have their water fight photographed after they take their "nice" photos? I had such a blast with this super photogenic and lovely family. Kelly and I have been meeting on Monday morning for the past few months, for what I like to call "punishing Ashley." She's a personal trainer and an amazing inspiration. I always leave our sessions feeling uplifted and with a new appreciation for my body. I just wish she could count better ;-) I loved getting to meet her fiance, Phil, and their combined families. Each of the 4 kids has something a little different to bring to the table in terms of personality and q ...
Southampton Family Photography :: The Cox Family
It's not often I get to do family sessions. But they are so fun and so rewarding, and I would love to do them more. This was the sweetest family from start to finish. Chris is in the military and Marissa is a high school teacher and cheer-leading coach. I love meeting people like Marissa and Chris and learning their story.  They have beautiful twins, Carter and Makenna who are nearly two years old.  At one point during our session, while Carter and Kenna were darting in opposite directions, Marissa said to me (in complete sincerity), "I feel like I won the jackpot," which I find to be so amazing. She undoubtedly has twice the load with two ...
Southampton Lifestyle Photographer :: Summertime
I was absent here last week. All for good reasons though. I was getting ready to have a bachelorette weekend with three of my bridesmaids.  Two of my best friends came from far away to celebrate (Texas and Utah). One of these girls, we figured out, I hadn't seen in over 4 years. Which makes sense, she'd never met Eliot and he and I are getting ready to celebrate 5 years together. It was an amazing weekend full of sangria, dancing, dress shopping, boating and swimming in the ocean. You understand why I was absent right? This is a shoot I did a few weeks ago.  This girl is not new to this blog, I've photographed her before, and you can see t ...