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Southampton Engagement Photography :: Lauren and Jim
"I never thought when I was 17 I was looking at the person I was going to marry." This was something Lauren said during her and Jim's engagement shoot that really stuck with me.  When they were 17 they worked at a pizza place together.  Lauren didn't even think Jim liked her in any way.  Then later in life they ran into each other at a bar in St. Pete, Lauren was on a date with another guy.  For some reason this didn't stop Jim, and they've been hanging out together ever since.  I love how Jim just saw this opportunity and went for it. While editing these photos, I couldn't stop grinning.  To see a couple that is so in love as Lauren an ...
Engagement Preview
Daylight savings time has arrived!!  Which means 2 things, 1) for the next couple of days I'm going to be dragging in the morning and might have to drink two lattes instead of my usual one, and 2) we have a whole extra hour of evening light!  The winter time makes it really difficult to schedule shoots during the week due to work schedules and such, and because the sun goes down so early.  But now....the days are getting longer and we've switched the clocks forward so essentially everyone gets out of work an hour earlier, making it easier to schedule an evening shoot.  So get ready! Here's a little preview of something I'll be showing the ...
Engagement Photos- Ashley and Eliot
So as mentioned in a previous blog about my upcoming wedding, we're on a budget and are doing things ourselves wherever and whenever we can.  We feel like 'save the dates' are important to send out too, because many people will be traveling from so far away.  But we don't really want to have them printed and then posted, and well, with the magics of current day technology we see 'save the dates' via email as a better way to go about it. We also decided to take our own photos... Definitely not as easy as having someone else take them for you.  Probably took a lot longer than it should have done.  Probably argued more than necessary. (Not ...