November 29, 2016

New Forest Engagement Photography :: Meg+Matt

Engagement portraits wedding

You wouldn’t know it by looking at these photos, but this shoot nearly got rained out. The day before is when we’d originally scheduled it, and it poured rain from dawn to dusk. We quickly scheduled it for the following day and managed to capture that sweet autumnal glow.

I love setting up for engagement shoots. Scouting unique locations is my specialty, and in this area there is no shortage of magnificent backdrops. A broken wall, or a glimmering tree line can completely transform a photograph from your usual portrait into vibrant scene.

Meg and Matt were good sports about trekking through forest and fields as well as hopping over a fence to get some of these shots.

Sidenote: Doesn’t Meg have the most radiant smile?

Engagement photography is a speciality of mine. See more of my work here.

[…] things apart from their wedding. Following our initial meetup, a couple months later, I shot their engagement session here in the forest. During their shoot, I asked them how they felt about jumping a fence and […]

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