May 6, 2013

Southampton Wedding Photography :: Kim and Christian

photography portraits wedding

I really hate that this much time has passed since I photographed this wedding. It’s been hanging over my head, but unfortunately reliable internet is not a luxury afforded to me during my travels.

When I met Kim, I felt a sort of kindred connection with her. If only because she was an American girl marrying a British boy, and she was giddy in love. I can sort of relate to that 😉

Their wedding day was filled with love and a huge portion of emotion. The father daughter dance was especially a tear jerker.

Cheers to Kim and Christian.

Travel Update :: We are currently in France, visiting my inlaws at their home here. We’ll be out sailing in the Gulf of Morbihan for the next few days, but I promise I will share some photos soon.

Bernadette Wood 20:41 May 7, 2013 Reply
These are beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing...had a spectacular time at the wedding. Wishing Kim and Christian nothing but the best. STO LAT and God Bless!

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