May 20, 2013

Southampton Engagement Photography :: Kerry & Jonas

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I met Kerry the first night I arrived in China, after a long Chinese dinner and a ride on the back of a motorbike, through the busy streets of Fuyang, with a South African guy I had met just a few hours previously. (In case you think that’s not the best decision I’ve ever made, I can promise you that it’s not the worst.)

She’s been an easy person to keep up with, because every once in a while, we find ourselves in the same corner of the world again. This time, it was in London, and she had just gotten engaged to Jonas. She’s American, he’s German and they have such an amazing outlook on life, and this world. Eliot and I had an awesome day with them, touring around London, eating at the best Chinese restaurant I’ve been to outside of China, chatting about all their travels, their plans for the future, and commiserating a bit on the bureaucratic hassles that go along with marrying someone from another country.

It felt so good being able to do this shoot. Once again, I feel so lucky that I have been able to travel and meet these kinds of people. People who are doing incredible things, and meeting other awesome people, and then they introduce you to them. And it seems to just keep getting better.

Cheers to you guys. XX

lori konawalik 14:03 May 20, 2013 Reply
Awesome job as always. I love your work. You are very true to yourself and it shows in your work. Well done.
Patrticia Mazuera 17:02 May 23, 2013 Reply
Dear Ashley, I loved this article and I was so overwhelmed by the love that shines through these photos and your description of their flat... I just couldn`t help myself and I have booked the first flight available to London. Could you intercede in my behalf and see if I can book one night in June at their flat and perhaps if I take them out to dinner they can cook me breakfast?. I will also be bringing with me a little Colombian rebel who speaks some Chinese. Please confirm. Great photos. Great comments on wonderful people.
Kerry 18:54 May 23, 2013 Reply
We had such an AWESOME day with you guys and we absolutely love the photos. So great to re-connect.
Martin 08:30 May 25, 2013 Reply
Awesome pictures! I've known Jonas and Kerry for a while now and they are indeed wonderful human beings and a great couple, and this photos couldn't show it better.
[…] exploring a new city while doing an engagement session, has to be one of the best ways to see it.  (Remember this London Engagement?)  I feel like it opens my eyes to little spots that I wouldn’t typically notice.  We had […]
[…] exploring a new city while doing an engagement session, has to be one of the best ways to see it. (Remember this London Engagement?) I feel like it opens my eyes to little spots that I wouldn’t typically notice. We had such a […]

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