We all have bad days. I try not to share the bad on this blog, and sometimes I struggle with that,writing things down helps me to work through it, and this has been my spot to do that. So sometimes I overcompensate and share all the highlights, and it seems like things are great all the time.

So not the case.

A couple weeks after we got back from our wedding, I was having a really shit day. The kind of day where at 10am I thought it might be best if I just went back to bed and to sleep and woke up the next day to start new. I’m not getting into the details, but some things had happened at our wedding, that had nothing to do with Eliot or I, but being that it was our wedding, we got brought into it a bit. People had gotten hurt (not physically) and it all came to a head on this day. And I felt shitty about it. I’d also received an email from someone, who I didn’t know, deciding to give me an unsolicited online critique of my work. Probably any other day I could have let this roll off my back, but that day, it felt like a punch in the gut. That day was the perfect day for self doubt to come out, and it did. It was a mixture of personal and professional things that had me questioning my whole self. Not just the photographer, but the wife, the girlfriend I once was, the sister, the daughter and the friend. It’s hard to bounce back from days like that.

At the end of the day, I got a little notification in my email that one had just come in. I half dreaded going into my email after a day like today. I opened it up and it was from a client, Sarah. We’d been corresponding back and forth, and discussing details for her big day, and making plans for her engagement session. At the end of her email she wrote, “I did want to tell you that I am really stoked that I found you, every time I go to your website I find more of your pictures beautiful, fascinating and telling a story. Thank you Delectable’s for mentioning you as a photographer :-D” I felt that little feeling of re assurance coming back. It didn’t make the rest of the day disappear, but it was a little reminder of why I do what I do. It’s not right for everyone, but when I find that client, or rather they find me, it makes it completely worth it. And it makes me so excited to photograph them, because I get to do it my way, in my style, and that is what I know how to do best. People like Sarah are what make the bad days worth it.

This past weekend I shot her vow renewal ceremony, and she looked stunning.

I promise I’ll share more about her and her husband, but today I just wanted to share a bit about her.


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