March 22, 2011



This post has nothing to do with photography.  Just a personal reflection and thoughts about Japan.  Sharing things that have inspired me recently.

I wanted to write about this subject, just a little bit.  So many times things like this happen and it’s completely devastating, but I never feel I have the experience or knowledge to actually speak about them.  I still don’t.  I’m afraid I’ll say something stupid, or worse offensive, without even being aware of it.  I’ve never been to Japan, so how can I even start to relate to what’s going on and the amount of devastation that is sweeping across that nation.  I can’t.

I’ve thought a lot recently about where we live, and the possibility of a disaster like that happening here.  The truth is, it’s very possible.  We live 200yds from the Gulf of Mexico in Hurricane Country, and there is an all too real possibility that our home could be put under water.  Hopefully it doesn’t happen, but this is one way I try to put what happened in Japan in perspective for myself.  I haven’t experienced any real tragedy in my life (touch wood), and something like this is very hard for me to wrap my head around.

What I can say about Japan, is how amazed I’ve been recently at the grace and composure of the Japanese people during this horrific time.  They’ve been hit with an earthquake, tsunami and a nuclear threat, but I haven’t heard any reports of rioting or looting.  At the nuclear power plant, workers have been tagging out to minimize the radiation exposure to everyone, and older workers have actually been working more shifts than younger workers (the logic being that the older workers are more likely to die of old age than radiation poisoning).  These acts of selflessness, and working together as one has made me admire Japan even more than I already did.  So often it’s difficult to look at the big picture, especially in the face of tragedy.  But it seems the Japanese can only see the big picture now, and are working together to mend what’s there.  I am truly inspired by their spirit.

If you can help, please do.  If you can’t, do what you can to get the word out there.

To help in the disaster relief for Japan go HERE

Angela Tucker 17:13 March 22, 2011 Reply
I agree Ash. It's interesting comparing the natural disasters that happened in Japan vs. the Earthquake in Haiti, and even Katrina. I haven't heard a single report of looting in Japan, yet you'd think that it would be rampant. It's beautiful to see people coming together after being united by such a terrible force of nature.

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